Ball-blast Machine

Performance Parameters:

Max section area of the work piece: width* height=800*1600mm,

Impeller head: ZLQ034

Impeller Diameter: φ380mm,

Power of Generator: 7.5KW,

Quantity of Impeller head: 8sets

Capacity of Ball-blast: 120kg*8/min,

Elevator Capacity: 60t/h

Power of Elevator: 5.5KW

Segregator Capacity: 60t/h

Wind Speed of separating area: 4-5m/s,

Power: 4kw;

Vertical screw conveyor: conveyor capacity: 60t/h, power: 4kw,

Horizontal screw conveyor: conveyor capacity: 60t/h, power: 3kw;

Conveyor belt: conveyor capacity: 20t/h, power: 4kw;

Pill: first time load capacity: 4000kg, diameter: 0.8-1.2mm;

Wind capacity: total wind capacity: 22000m3/h, clearing room: about 19000m3/h,

Segregator: about 3000m3/h;

Total power: 124.75kw.