Submerged Arc Welding Machine

Performance Parameters:

Power Source: 380V/50Hz

Environment temperature: -10~40 degree

Welding Speed: 250-2500mm/min,

Backhaul Speed: 4000mm/min,

Application for Box Beam with range of height: 300-1200mm, width: 300-1200mm, thickness: 10-80mm,

Driving manner of main body: electromotor synchronous with reducer,

Vertical journey of guides: 1000mm,

Horizontal journey of guides: 900mm,

Max pressure of pneumatic power system: 0.8MPa,

Power source: input power source: 380v, controlling power source: 220v, main body power: 9kw,

Dimension of the main body: length x width x height= 4800x3250x4250

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