Bending Machine

Performance Parameters:

Nominal Force: 2000KN,

Length of work table: 6000mm,

Distance of Column: 4740mm,

Throat Depth: 400mm,

Journey of sliding block: 320mm,

Max height between work table and sliding block: 450mm,

Sliding block journey’s regulating range: 160mm,

Speed of sliding block: empty capacity 80mm/s,

Working: 6mm/s

Backhaul: 60mm/s,

Revolution of main Generator: 1470r/min,

Power: 15kw,

Model: Y160L-4-B5,

High-pressure gear pump flow: 36.75L/min,

Model: NB3-G25F,

Working power of hydraulic system: 24MPa,

Outer dimension: length x width x height=6200x2750x3430mm