Spot Facer

Performance Parameters:

Dimension of work piece: superposition thickness of material is 80mm,

Width*length: 1000mm*1650mm per piece

825mm*1000mm two pieces, 500mm*825mm four pieces;

Main shaft: Quick-changing tap holder,

Mohs 3#, 4# taper holes,

Diameter of Aiguille: Max φ50mm,

Manner of shift: transducer stepless shift,

Rotate speed: 180-560r/min,

Journey length: 180mm;

Feed processing: Hydraulic stepless speed regulation

Work piece clamping: clamping thickness 15-80mm, quantity: 12units, clamping strength: 7.5KN, Clamping switch: footswitch;

Cooling fluid: force circling, capacity: 200L, atmosphere pressure: 0.4MPa (4kgf/cm2);

Motor: main shaft: 5.5kw, hydraulic pump: 2.2kw, cooling pump: 0.25kw, x shaft servo mechanism: 1.5kw, Y shaft servo mechanism: 1.0kw, chip conveyor: 2x0.37kw;

Main body weight: 3500kg, chip system weight: 500kg.